Frequently Asked Questions
1. Regarding cancellation
Regarding cancellation fee, we receive the amount equivalent to the arrangement of ingredients and labor cost.

20% cancellation fee for cancelling 3 to 7 days before, 30% cancellation fee for 2 days before, 50% cancellation fee for cancelling 1 day before as we will have already arranged ingredients. 100% cancellation fee for cancelling on the reserved day.

Also, cancellation fee may be charged for cancelling a large number of reservations. Please acknowledge it beforehand. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

In addition, cancellation fee will be charged for cancelling 1 week before the consecutive holidays or cancelling during major holidays such as Golden Week and Silver Week. Thank you for your understanding.

* Cancelling due to a typhoon or heavy rain, basically if public transportations or general road is available to drive, cancellation fee will be charged. Please understand that we interpret "temporary unavailability" up to 2 hours. Not only to welcome guests, but also because we ask all vendors to deliver items regardless of any weather, we hope that you understand that we need to charge necessary costs.

2. Regarding service fee
Please acknowledge that service fee is charged for our service.

3. Regarding credit card use
VISA, MASTER, AMEX, DC, JCB, Diners are available.

4. Regarding bringing in, taking out
With regard to the main building, under the guidance of the public health center, you are not allowed to bring and take out any drinks and food to prevent from food poisoning. If you want to do so for some reasons, please contact us in advance.
* Please be aware that we can not take any responsibilities if you bring in or take out drinks or food and get food poisoning.

5. Regarding the charge of the meal
Lunch meal (Kaiseki Lunch) is from 3,900 yen- (tax included) per person, and night meal (Kaiseki) is from 5,000 yen- per person. The difference between of the prices is related to the ingredients used. Compared to lunch, the night meal is rich in every single dish.
Also, children over 3 years old are counted as 1 person, and meal fee is charged..

6. Regarding dinner for guests staying in our Japanese-style inn
It is until 20:00.
Please acknowledge it beforehand.

7. Regarding bathing
Bathing tax is charged separately. Please be aware in advance.

8. Regarding curfew
The curfew is 24:00.
We can be consulted about returning after 24:00, but in principle, you can not come in and go out until early morning, so be careful when going out.

9. Other
Those who have tattoos are not allowed to use our Japanese-style inn. Please acknowledge it.
Also, please refrain from sales by phone and visit.

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